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About Us

quotation-marksWe work hard to bring you the highest quality paint job.

Laser straight lines, superior paint products, dedicated craftsmanship, obsessive punctuality and good old fashioned hard work combine with a passion to serve you as we make your spaces beautiful, comfortable and immaculate.

Jared Hartley, Owner

Jared HartleyBefore starting up Hartley Painting, I had worked in the painting industry since the time I was first able to drive, first working in the summers while still in school, then full time after graduating. I have worked for 20 or more contractors through the years where I got to observe how different companies ran their work. Through this work experience, I have learned a lot about the good, the bad, and the ugly and have learned the skills necessary to build the company I am so very proud of today.

With my extensive painting experience and all of the help from my fiancé, Jolene Sabin, who has over 15 years of office management experience, the company has grown to be more competitive and productive than ever. We look forward to servicing the needs of our community and the surrounding communities as well as forming committed and trusting relationships with clients and suppliers.


When it comes to having your home painted you can choose to have it done by a laborer or a craftsman. Early on, I made a point to work for as many painting companies as I could. I wanted to experience first hand what they did right but more important, I wanted to experience what they did wrong so I would never make those mistakes with my customers.

Here is what I learned. If you want to change the color of your home, hire a laborer. You’ll get a new coat of paint and it won’t cost you all that much. However, if you want to create a new look for your home and protect it at the same time, hire a craftsman. That’s why homeowners hire Hartley Painting. We are craftsmen. We are professionals at what we do and it shows from the time I meet with you through the work we do and until the job is completed. There is so much more to a proper paint job than just some paint. The choice is yours.


There are a lot of painters that can make a home look nice. There are a lot of painters that do an OK job. But do you want OK? A quality job is about the prep work and the final coating. The combination of the special coating, the special primers, special preparation, caulking, the items that we use, the tools, the way we do it is going to allow your home to last longer and look better from day one and it is going to last longer and be more durable to sunlight because the thicker the coating. The thicker coating is when it fills its property. That is when it actually has a full sheen, whether it is semi-gloss or flat, it still is a full sheen with more than one coat. The first coat is for color and to attach itself and the second coat is to build the sheen and the UV protection, and heat and cold protection. We don’t simply change the color of your home….we protect your home for years to come!


You want your homes paint job to last as long as possible and look as great as possible the entire time. It’s another reason to choose the craftsmen at Hartley Painting. The difference is in the details. If you are comparing estimates, be sure to compare each and every aspect of what is being offered.

At Hartley Painting, we are going to:

  • Pressure wash your home
  • Remove old and dried out caulking
  • Replace caulking where needed with a product that meets our standards which are higher than most
  • Replace damaged materials when necessary to ensure proper adhesion of the primers and paints

But its the bigger picture and attention to detail that makes the difference:

  • The computer generated estimate that lists each item we will take care of
  • Having the owner onsite
  • Having only trusted craftsmen working on your home
  • Taking drop cloths to the cleaners and having them washed so we don’t bring someone else’s home into yours
  • Working to accommodate your schedule, not ours
  • Impeccable cleanup each and everyday
  • Hartley Painting offers you a choice from the norm. Hartley Painting provides the solution you are looking for.
Looking for a free estimate? Call us to set up an appointment at 308-660-0285.